Our Job as Christians

I can do all things through Chist. Philippians 4.13

Today at church we talked about love. We talked about the how of love and about the who of love. Something that really stuck out to me today was when Pastor Todd said, “It is in the loving that the liking will follow.” I feel like this is something so true, but something that we often forget as Christians. We don’t like certain people and we don’t always agree with certain people’s decisions, but as Christians, it is our job to love people unconditionally, through the good and through the bad. It is our job as Christians to love all people despite their flaws, despite their bad decisions. We as believers, are to be the continuing story of God’s love. It is our job to love them and to pray for them to make better decisions and to find the God that we have found and to worship Jesus to become like him and to abide by his word.

So whenever you look at someone and cannot stand them for that moment, remember to love them. Remember to love them in that moment no matter what because “It is in the loving that the liking will follow.”

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