The Key to Meal Prepping

I know many of you have heard of meal prepping. Many have tried and failed and many have tried and succeeded. Well, it took me many times to actually succeed in all that I need when sitting down to meal prep for the week.


First, I want to tell ya why I meal prep. If I don’t meal prep, my week is chaos. I eat horribly, I find every excuse to eat out, and my belly is not happy with all the grease. Meal prepping saves me money, time, and my health.

Second, you need to write out everything that you’ll need for the week. I first write down what meals I am going to make for the week and then I like to itemize my grocery list by fruits, veggies, protein, snacks, bread, and breakfast items. This helps me from overspending when I go to the grocery store. Stick to the list!

When writing the list, you also want to write what store you are going to get it from, there are certain things I will buy in bulk and certain things that won’t last in bulk since it’s just Barrett and I. Things such as meat and Frozen foods I buy in bulk and things such as fresh foods and deli meat I will get from my local grocery store.

Meal prepping is definitely worth it and is definitely key to saving money and eating healthy. I block out about 2-3 hours a week to prep everything, but it’s totally worth it because I don’t have to prep for anything the rest of the week!

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