What’s on my bookshelf? The Girls Series.

The Girl's Series

There is nothing I love more than sitting down with a good book and a cup of coffee in my hand.

Oh yeah and hot rich boys, careers you’d dream to be a part of, and three best friends that are too cool to not want to meet! If you guessed the Girl’s Series by Rachel Hollis then you are correct!

The first book in the series is Party Girl, I did a review here on this book a couple of months ago. This book is about a girl from a small town named Landon. She moves to the big city of LA, California as a Party Planners Assistant. Hollis takes you through Landon’s struggles and her crush on hot shot business man Brody. This book will make you laugh and possibly cry.

Novella: The first novella that goes along with this series is Part Girl’s First Date. This novella tells you the story of Brody and Landon’s first date. It is incredibly eventful and will make you laugh so hard you pee your pants and make you smile so much your face hurts! Oh yeah it may make you cry a little too.

The second book in the series is all about Max, Landon’s roommate and best friend. Well Landon thinks they’re best friends but Max thinks otherwise. Sweet Girl is a continuation of Party Girl only it’s about Max and her journey of wanting to own her own bakery and her love/hate relationship with Bennett Taylor.

The last book *sigh* talks about Miko and her crazy love for Brody’s brother Liam. Miko has been so in love with Liam that she is willing to change everything about herself to get Liam to notice her. This book is a great reminder to always be yourself and to follow your heart…the right way. Hollis does a great job portraying a hot romance between Liam and Miko.

From what I hear Rachel Hollis has a couple more Novellas coming for us based on the girls series so let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed!

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