March Beauty Favorites

March Favorites-2

This month has definitely been a new world of beauty discoveries for me. I have found many products that have changed my daily routine tremendously. Bare Minerals really seemed to take over this month as you’ll see below.

1. Living Proof Dry Shampoo– This product is absolutely amazing. I have tried multiple dry shampoos and they just leave my hair powdery and heavy, however, this particular dry shampoo has been life changing. I can go without washing my hair for three days when before I could barely get through a day and a half. I have naturally greasy hair, therefore this dry shampoo works miracles for me.

2. Bare Minerals Original Foundation– Before this foundation, I always used liquid foundation and thought it was great…boy was I wrong. This foundation feels amazing on my face and gives me medium to full coverage.

3.Bare Minerals Brightening Primer-Before putting on my Bare Minerals Foundation, I put on the brightening primer. I love this product because I feel that I have dull skin and this helps to brighten it up a bit.

4.Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara– I love this mascara because it doesn’t clump at all. It goes on very nicely and stays on all day.

5. It’s a 10 leave in Product– This product is absolutely amazing. I have very knotty hair and just a few sprits of this all over my head and I can brush through my hair like a dream. It keeps my hair nice and hydrated as well.

I hope you enjoyed this March Beauty favorites and keep a look out next month for my April Beauty Favorites.

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