Our New Home Part 1: Tips and Priorities to a new home

So as some of you know, Barrett and I  recently bought our first home and we absolutely love it. It is amazing the amount of space we have in comparison to our itty bitty one bedroom apartment. Although we miss our apartment just a little bit, because it was our first place together, we are in love with having something that is ours. 

Something that we found ourselves doing even before closing was finding projects we wanted to do and things that we wanted for our house. Although this was exciting, it got expensive quick when we started to add it all up. So of course, we had to take a step back and look at our priorities. We knew that we needed a washer and dryer right away because…well we like clean clothes. We did not, however, need a new kitchen table right away so we put that on our lower priority list. 

What we have done is created three separate lists. Our first list contains everything that we absolutely need and is first priority, things that need to be done within the next month. Our second list contains everything that we really want to get done but is not an absolute necessity, things that we want to get done within the next 4-6 months. The last list that we created contains things that we want but we know that we really won’t be able to afford for a while, things that can be completed within the next year or so. 

There is really no way specific way to choose which category your projects fall in to except for what is most important to you. What can you live without for now and what you cannot live without. 

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