Organizing The Closet Part 1


An organized closet makes me feel so good! What stinks though is it all gets messed up just a few days after I get both Barrett’s clothes and my clothes organized. I always organize our shirts by type (Tank top, dress shirt, t-shirt, etc.) I then organize our dress pants/dresses together and our casual daily clothes together. Somehow though throughout the week they get all crazy mixed up. 

What I am coming to the conclusion of is that the system that I have chose is just not working for us. Therefore, I am looking to try something new.  I have been doing some crazy research on Pinterest and have found some really cute ideas. I first thought that these would be a great idea, but I then came to the conclusion that Barrett and I both have careers that require us to dress up and the majority of our clothes need to be hung up.

So, after doing some more research, I have decided to try out these. I figured that I could use the blue tags for Barrett’s daily outfits and the pink tags for mine. I feel that by organizing our closet by outfit will not only keep our closet more organized in a way that we need it to be. 

Stay Tuned for an update on how our new system is working!

What ways do you keep your closet organized?

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