Meeting Emily Ley

If you are a huge blog follower…you will understand the excitement of this post. If you are not a huge blog follower…you will still understand the excitement of this post. Because if you have ever had someone who makes you want to work harder and be better…then you will understand. 


 I have some bloggers who I look up to immensely and who inspire me each and everyday. Rachel Hollis from The Chic Site, Kate Bryan from The Small Things Blog, Maggie Whitely from Maggie Whitley Designs, Jessica from Fantabulosity, and Emily Ley…just to name a few! When my best friend sent me a Facebook message that Emily Ley was going to be at a Barnes and Noble only 40 minutes away from us for a book signing for her new book Grace Not Perfection, my heart jumped through the roof. Emily Ley is truly such an inspiration to me and I have been following her for about two years now. So to have the chance to actually MEET and CHAT with her… oh my goodness.

My friend Shawnee and I got there about 30 minutes early and saw everything set up. We were so nervous but so ecstatic at the same time. We went and got her book off the shelf and purchased it while our minds were racing with excitement. We walked over to the section where she was going to be…we were the first ones there. We got a seat in the first row and held our breath as we waited. I turned around and saw her walk through the door and couldn’t believe that it was real! We were being such fan girls, but we didn’t even care. It took her some time to come over, but once she did she was the sweetest person you’d ever met. She literally pulled up a chair and started chatting. She was incredibly underwhelming in person and so real.  So real…that she pointed out that she forgot to wipe the deodorant…she thinks that’s what it was but she has almost 2 year old twins and admitted it could be spit up.. off of her dress before leaving the house. This fact made her even more real and more inspiring.


Emily talked about her reasoning for writing the book, balancing her life as a mom, career woman, and author while still taking time for herself. As well as finding time to follow the standard of Grace and not perfection. 

One of the questions I asked Emily is how even through her struggle of getting pregnant… how did she continue to have faith? Her answer to me was “Someone once told me that if god puts a baby shaped want in your heart or a shaped anything in your heart, he intends to fill it one way or another. Our plan may not always look like his plan, but it is always what it’s supposed to be.” Her words gave me so much more faith and so much more acceptance in life. God put her in my path for a reason and I am truly blessed to have had this experience.

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  1. Oh.My.Goodness… how am I just now seeing this?! You are such a sweet sweet gal! Thank you so much, and I’m so honored that you’ve included me in your list of bloggers that you look up to! Although this is form 2016, you’ve made my day today! 🙂 I hope you are well, and killing it in blog-world! Looks fantastic from here! 🙂 XOXO

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