Newborn Must Haves

There are so many products out there that you feel you MUST have for your new little one. It can be so overwhelming deciding what you really need. I remember creating my registry thinking I needed everything! 

Now one month into having a newborn I thought I would share the things we couldn’t live without!

01. Auto Rock N’ Play–We use this during the day for Luke’s naps. He absolutely loves it and naps great. 

02. Aden and Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets–When we don’t use a sleep sack we use these blankets to swaddle him at night. These blankets are also great for the carseat when we are out and about. We live in Florida so definitely need something breathable.

03. Diaper Genie — I know a lot of people don’t feel that this is a necessity, but we do. It really keeps the smell contained and is very easy to change. It also keeps the dog out of the diapers which is always a plus. 

04. Graco Pack N’ Play–This is where Luke sleeps each night. It was one of the things our pediatrician recommended as a safe place for him to sleep in our room. We use the upper part for right now and  he sleeps good in it. Another plus of this is that there is a changing table on it so it’s great for a quick change in the middle of the night. 

05. MAM Pacifiers–I originally bought a bunch of Soothie Pacifiers and even a WubbaNub. He likes them as well, but he really likes the MAM pacifiers the best. I think that they are the easiest for him to keep in his mouth due to the size and shape.  Really any pacifier your little one will take is a must have (If they take one that is)

06. Halo Sleep SackA friend gave us a Halo Sleep Sack recently and we decided to try it out. It is great because he is an extremely restless sleeper and would kick the swaddle blanket right off. With the Halo Sleep Sack our little guy is snug as a bug in a rug.

07. Gerber Cloth Diapers— I never realized how useful these things could be! We don’t use them for diapers, but we use the as burp cloths and other things baby related. They are so absorbent!

08. Aden and Anais Burpy Bib–These are great for on the go bottle feedings, we just hook one onto the baby bag and we’re ready to go. These will also be great for when we use bibs regularly on Luke. 

09. Solly Baby Wrap-I love to baby wear Luke. He loves it too…most of the time! When he is grumpy or can’t seem to get content he’ll usually fall right asleep when he is being worn.

10. Sleepers and Onesies–You cannot have enough sleepers and onesies. For newborns I suggest sleepers and onesies that have the hand covers so they don’t scratch their little face.
My favorite sleepers– I love these because the have the inverted zipper, they zip from the bottom which is great for diaper changes, and they have the hand covers.

My favorite onesies -I love all of the Carter’s Simply Joys onesies from Amazon. Luke has almost all of the short sleeve and long sleeve ones. Definitely good quality as well!

What were your newborn must haves for your bundle of joy? Leave them in the comments!

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