Luke’s 1 Month Update

Better late than never right? Although Luke will be 2 months old next week, I thought that I would go ahead and update you through his first month. As some of you may know, for the first 4 days of his life Luke was in the NICU with low sugar levels, but God being as good as he is, we were able to come home on Christmas Eve and celebrate our first Christmas at home with our baby boy.

Luke through his first month as a newborn was an incredible sleeper. He took great naps and would only wake up for feedings at night and go right back to sleep. His neck strength was incredible by a week old and is still getting stronger. Luke was also cracking smiles and cooing by 1 month old.  By 2 weeks old Luke was already eating a 3oz bottle every 2-3 hours. (He got his love for food from his mama)

At Luke’s 2 week appointment (His last doctors appointment until 2 months) he weighed a whopping 9 lbs 5 oz. His birth weight was 8lbs 1 oz , so he is definitely a healthy and chunky baby boy. During Luke’s first month we also learned that he has silent reflux. This was so stressful and so saddening until his medicine started working. Unfortunately, even with his medicine we are still struggling with the reflux. We are hoping that from what we have heard, he will grow out of it around 3 months.

Overall, Luke has had a great first month and has brought us so much joy. We love watching him learn and grow each day.


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