Luke’s 3 Month Update

Luke turned 3 months old today!

I seriously feel like I was just writing Luke’s 2 month update. Time is flying and our little boy is growing up so quickly. He is hitting milestones like it’s no one’s business. 

Luke has began grabbing for objects and bringing them to his mouth. He has also started attempting to giggle. Although it sounds like a gargle, it is the cutest thing ever. Luke has huge smiles and literally lights up any room he is in. He is gaining so much personality and is the sweetest little snuggle bug. We are still not sleeping through the night, but I really feel like we’ll be there soon. 

Luke has also had some larger changes this past month. I went back to work and so he has begun daycare. We are so lucky that we found a wonderful home daycare through a family friend. He loves his teacher Mrs. Kara and his brand new friends who love their baby Luke. It truly feels like family. 

Luke also started swimming lessons this past Saturday. If that isn’t the cutest experience ever then I don’t know what is. He absolutely loved it!  He is going to be attending weekly and I can’t wait to see the growth in him.

Luke Loves:

  1. Swimming Lessons
  2. Grabbing toys and putting them in his mouth
  3. His bouncer
  4. His Bumbo 
  5. Trying to giggle 

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